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Spring 2016 Report Winners
Region School Teacher Student Class Course
C Western Heights  Terri Winkle Jose Carlos Martinez Jr. Investments
NE Coweta   Jami Holmes Florian Rempel Jr. Marketing
NW Weatherford  Bob Bailey Becca Moore Soph. Personal Financial Literacy
SC Dibble  Pamela Warden Zak Strozewski and Parker Findley Srs. Personal Finance
SE Caney  Clinta Smith Stevi Henry Sr. Personal Financial Literacy
SW Indiahoma  Rick Hodges Hope Gray Soph. Financial Literacy
SW Merritt  Judith Bollinger Ryan Mills Sr. Financial Literacy
STATE WINNER Tulsa Tech Center, Owasso Campus  Arlynda Sexton Nathan Winn Sr. Bus. Mgmt./ Entrepreneurship

State winner:
Nathan Winn
Winning Report

spring 2016 STATE winner Nathan Winn, senior, and Tulsa Technology Center, Owasso, Business Mgmt. / Entrepreneurship teacher Arlynda Sexton

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spring 2016 Invest Ed® Report Winners: NE, Coweta High School, junior Florian Rempel; Jo Ann Dysart, Invest Ed® STARS; SE, Caney High School, senior Stevi Henry; Kenneth Maillard, ODS, Director of Registrations; SW, Indiahoma High School, sophomore Hope Gray; Charlie Newton, Vice Chairman, Oklahoma Securities Commission; SC, Dibble High School, Zak Strozewski [not pictured, Parker Findley]; Irving Faught, ODS, Administrator; NW, Weatherford High School, sophomore Becca Moore; C region, Western Heights High School, junior Jose Carlos Martinez; Jennifer Shaw, ODS, Enforcement Attorney; SW, Merritt High School, senior Ryan Mills; Patty Labarthe, ODS, Enforcement Attorney; STATE Winner, Tulsa Technology Center, Owasso Campus, senior Nathan Winn; Melanie Hall, ODS, Deputy Administrator

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