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Secondary teachers who have completed an Invest Ed® training session may implement this project in their classrooms and/or organizations they sponsor.
At the beginning of each semester, we will generate an email with participation instructions and a link to the Teacher Participation form. This form lets Invest Ed® know that you are participating in the project that semester and gives us an approximate count of how many students you anticipate will receive the information this term. Receipt of this form will be acknowledged by a confirmation e-mail that will have a link to additional resources and teaching tools.
Students must submit all required documents to their teacher by the due dates on the Project Timeframe.
  • Student Pre-project and Post-project quizzes
  • Risk Assessment Results
  • Project Investment Goal/s
  • Printout 1: Portfolio
  • Printout 2: Portfolio
  • Student Research Log
  • Student Tracking Log
The Final Report must meet the standards on the Report Requirements page. Staff from the Oklahoma Department of Securities will evaluate the reports using the criteria on the Report Evaluation tool linked at the bottom of this document.

Oklahoma counties are divided into six regions: North East, South East, North West, South West, Central, and South Central.

The Department will select one student report winner from each of the 6 regions. One of these 6 reports will be chosen as the state winner. Each of the five regional report winners will receive a $250 stipend. The student report selected as the state winner will receive a $1,000 stipend. All 6 winners will be recognized at an awards ceremony held at the end of each semester. The teachers for each student winner will also receive an additional $100 stipend.

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