Project Timeframe
Semester - Spring 2018
prior to starting project; 1st activity INTRO - The Pre-project Quiz is an optional resource. If you choose to have your students take the quiz at the beginning of the project and then again at the end of the project, you will be able to use our online comparison tool to view both quizzes side-by-side to see how they answered each question. See our Ideas for Getting Started page.
Jan. 16 - 26 RESEARCH - Students begin to research stocks and decide which stocks to buy. 15-20 stocks are generally recommended to obtain a good diversification. Students will document the research process on the Student Research Log which will be turned in to the teacher at the end of the project. See our Information for Students page for more.
RISK - Students complete a risk assessment from one of the sites below. The results should be submitted to the teacher during this time.
PROJECT GOALS - Students set project investment goals. A project investment goal may be to achieve a certain percentage increase over the initial $500,000 investment or to match one of the index's rate of growth or to understand or to learn a specific concept or rule, etc. Students submit their Project Investment Goal to the teacher during this time.
Jan. 29 - Feb. 2 CREATE PORTFOLIO - Instructions for creating a Morningstar Portfolio
Students complete one $500,000 cash transaction to fund their Morningstar portfolio and then complete a securities transaction for each stock they want to purchase. Once all transactions are executed, students Screen Print, or print, their portfolio to document the start of the tracking period.
Students document their portfolio tracking activities on the Student Tracking Log. Students are required to check their portfolio's performance at least twice weekly but may check it as often as they wish. They are free to make additional buy and sell transactions on their Portfolio during the course of the tracking period and can document these transactions on Sell or Purchase Securities form. This form will be beneficial when writing their report.
Students again Screen Print, or print, their portfolio to document the end of the tracking period. Both, beginning and ending, screen prints are submitted to the teacher with the Student Tracking Log.
Students complete the Post-project Quiz. Our online comparison allows the Pre-project and Post-project quizzes to be compared side-by-side. Teachers can request a link to compare each student's pre-project and post-project survey answers.
Apr. 6 TEACHER DEADLINES - Teachers evaluate the student reports and choose 1 or 2 reports, per class, to submit (using the options below) to the ODS for award consideration. These reports MUST BE POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN this date. Teachers will be notified if one of their students is chosen as a regional winner. The State Winner will be unveiled at the awards ceremony.

Teachers should also submit the End of Project Completion form to be eligible for the participation stipend.
April 28 AWARDS CEREMONY - 11:30 am Luncheon at Faculty House, 601 NE 14th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73104
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