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"Thank you and all of the directors for the great opportunity to be a part of the Invest Ed™ project. I wanted to let you know how much my students and I appreciated being a part of this team project.

It was educationally enlightening and I must say a welcomed change for me both in my Personal Finance course and personally. I look forward to next year."
Shonta Watts, Personal Finance
Putnam City North High School

"I am so excited at the students’ enthusiasm with this project. As for next semester, count me in. I am looking forward to doing this again. There is so much value in this project!!! Thanks for all you do.
Arlynda Sexton
Business Management – Entrepreneurship
Tulsa Technology Center

"I definitely plan on participating next year with my economics class. I sent a student to curriculum contest, and he scored first. I feel like Invest Ed™ played a big part in helping him understand global economics.
Sue Phillips
Hartshorne High School

"I am using the stipend for prize money for my local winners, so my students are excited. They had a lot of fun with the project, even though there was some grumbling about having to do a report! Once they got into it, all my students did a really good job and many of them are listening to the evening news and tracking prices and trends online on their own time. We are continuing the competition until the end of school!
Sarah Drake
Accounting and Computer Applications
Chickasha High School

"One of my students who had a portfolio from last spring came in beaming to report he knew that even though his stocks were in the red at the close of the project last spring, he had picked a great portfolio. He informed me his portfolio was just shy of one million dollars. So you see, for many the contest doesn’t end at the final printout. Thank Goodness!
Marquita Seifried
Business Dept.
Seiling High School

"Did I tell you about walking into the library at the beginning bell of 1st hour to find 22 students (the entire class) already logged in and working on their Yahoo spreadsheet.  You could hear a pin drop.  I had to walk out and back in again to believe it.
Katherine Bradshaw
Math of Finance
Thomas Edison Preparatory High School Tulsa

"They are excited about the opportunity to invest money in the stock market.  It is fun to see how much they are learning!  This is the first time I have been able to take a group to use the computers and not have to worry about them getting bored and going to music sites – they love looking up information about companies."
Carolyn Lunsford
Math Teacher
Yale High School

"I had NO idea how excited and interested my kids would be.  I’ve had other teachers come to me and ask about the program, and the computer teacher said she no longer has problems having to monitor students’ free time/Internet time b/c they are on looking at stocks.  They’ve even watched some of the financial programs on CNN and news stations.  So I want you to know my kids are really pumped about this."
Robbee Tonubbee
Math Teacher
Calera High School

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