For immediate release - December 16, 2003
For more information contact:
Irving Faught
Oklahoma Securities Commission
(405) 280-7706

NORMAN/OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoman investors will get some extra help in making wise financial decisions in the New Year thanks to WISE, a new educational partnership between the Oklahoma Department of Securities and the University of Oklahoma’s University OUTREACH program.

WISE stands for Winning through Investment Strategies and Education.

“From small time hucksters on Main Street to multi-million dollar scandals on Wall Street, individual investors may feel overwhelmed by the seemingly constant stream of scandals and scams in the news,” said Irving Faught, Administrator for the Department of Securities.

Officials with the Department of Securities and the University of Oklahoma hope that several newly announced educational programs will help investors of all ages make wise choices among the many investment options available today. The programs will include a summer institute for high school teachers, stock camps for youth and adults, an interactive radio program and workshops for newly married couples and adults nearing retirement.

“This partnership offers us a great opportunity to reach a broad range of Oklahomans about the importance of understanding investing, making sound financial choices and avoiding fraud and abuse,” said Faught.

“We are delighted to participate in these ‘WISE’ programs,” said James Pappas, Vice President for OUTREACH at the University of Oklahoma. “Despite the front page headlines that the economy usually commands, many Oklahomans, like many Americans, lack basic investment knowledge. These projects will allow us to join forces with the Department of Securities to help people improve their quality of life through knowledge about the markets.”

The group will also survey Oklahomans about their investment knowledge and experiences, with results to be published in the spring. The survey results will be used to plan future activities, gauge current needs, evaluate the success of these programs when compared with exit interview responses and raise awareness of the problems of financial illiteracy and the importance of continued educational activities.

The WISE project will be funded from the proceeds of multi-state settlements of enforcement actions brought by the Department of Securities. Such proceeds are dedicated for the exclusive purposes of investor education and research.

The Oklahoma Department of Securities registers small stock offerings and licenses investment professionals in the state of Oklahoma. The department enforces the state’s securities laws and regulations to protect investors and helps to educate investors so that they can better protect themselves.


Invest Ed® is an unbiased, non-profit investment education program with the sole objective of increasing Oklahoman's investment knowledge and fraud protection. This multi-faceted investment literacy education program is made possible by the Oklahoma Securities Commission and produced by the University of Oklahoma OUTREACH ~ College of Continuing Education.