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As of April, 2016
  • 1,836 teachers trained
  • 31,628 participating students
  • 130 FREE teacher training events
  • STARS is financial and investment education for high school students, grades 9-12. It is securities fraud awareness. It is long-term planning as opposed to get-rich-quick schemes. It is not a game. It is hands-on, online stock portfolio experience. It is compound interest and time value of money awareness. It is learning that choices exist and the benefits of making wiser choices. It is research, risk assessment, goal setting, problem solving, meeting deadlines, critical thinking, and more. It is a report competition. STARS is a process that provides students an opportunity to increase their life skills and to have financial independence in their futures.



    • must teach grades 9-12 in Oklahoma secondary schools or Technology Centers
    • must plan to teach financial education if not already doing so


    • FREE registration, materials and resources
    • conducted by staff of the Oklahoma Department of Securities, in various regions of the state
    • several workshops are conducted every spring and fall
    • designed for teachers who have not attended a Teacher Institute training and trained teachers as a refresher
    • pre-project and post-project student quizzes (optional)
    • receive information and resources to facilitate and implement this project in your class room
    • hands-on financial calculator practice, online portfolio setup, research tips, Internet portfolio training, resources for all Passport to Financial Literacy Act of 2007 objectives, and optional resource materials


    • FREE registration, lodging, meals, materials and resources
    • conducted by subject-matter expert
    • four-day summer workshops for new teachers and teachers trained at one-day workshops
    • pre-project and post-project student quizzes (optional)
    • introduction to multiple financial topics and participate in hands-on activities
    • receive in-depth information and resources to facilitate and implement this project in your class room


    • FREE registration, lodging, meals, materials and resources
    • conducted by a subject-matter expert
    • four-day summer workshop
    • only for teachers that have attended one of our previous workshops
    • pre-project and post-project student quizzes (optional)
    • designed to enhance your existing knowledge by sharing best practices, new materials, and additional hands-on activities

    spring 2016, NE region: Coweta High School, host family—Brook Adney, Angie Adney, Drake Adney, junior Florian Rempel, German exchange student, Marketing Teacher Jami Holmes, and Coweta Superintendent Jeff Holmes
    spring 2016, SW region: Merritt High School, parents Doug and Angie Mills, senior Ryan Mills, and Financial Literacy Teacher Judith Bollinger
    spring 2016, SW region: Indiahoma High School, parent Lori Gray, Financial Literacy Teacher Rick Hodges, sophomore Hope Gray, and Administrator Carrie Thomason

    " The Invest Ed Teacher Institute is a spectacular approach to Continuing Education development of teachers! If we applied this model to the other subject areas in secondary education, we'd completely disarm the "teacher effectiveness" argument."

    Edward W. Laverdure, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)
    Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
    Altus High School

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