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The free Teacher Institute is a 4 day summer workshop sponsored by the Oklahoma Securities Commission and the Oklahoma Department of Securities. The STARS (Students Tracking and Researching the Stock Market) Project is designed to enhance existing curriculum and promote the financial education of your students. The project is centered on an on-line stock portfolio and incorporates critical thinking skills.

The workshop objectives include:

  • Promotion of the importance of teaching the basics of savings and investing to high school students
  • Provide teachers with a broad knowledge of personal finance concepts
  • Introduce the Invest Ed® STARS project and how to implement the program.

This workshop is designed for teachers who are new to the STARS project and teachers trained at a one-day workshop.

  JoAnn Dysart, Invest Ed® STARS
jdysart@investedok.org | (405) 280-7728
  Oklahoma Department of Securities
204 N. Robinson Avenue, Suite 400
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102
Fax: (405) 280-7742 Attn: STARS
File Upload: securities.ok.gov/DocumentDelivery/
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