STARS Student Awards

Students compete across the state for regional and state STARS awards

At the end of the award period, students will write a paper documenting their research process in creating their stock portfolios, explaining why they chose particular stocks, describing how their stocks performed, and detailing what they have learned as a result of participating in the STARS program.

STARS trained teachers may submit up to two reports each award period be considered for an award. The STARS program provides a monetary award to five regional winners and one state winner each award period. Each of the five regional report winners will receive a $250 stipend. The student report selected as the state winner will receive a $1,000 stipend. All six winners are recognized at an awards ceremony.

Fall 2018 State Winner

Erin Slagell

Weatherford High School, Junior - Teacher: Bob Bailey, Personal Financial Literacy

"...What used to be a jumble of meaningless numbers and incomprehensible figures is now the key to handle anything the stock market has to throw at me..."

Cailyn Lemmond

Caney High School, Senior
Teacher: Clinta Smith, Personal Financial Literacy

Southeast Region

Nathanial Dennis

Marlow High School, Senior
Teacher: Jeff Prater, Personal Financial Literacy

South Central Region

Cole Armitage

Mount St. Mary High School, Sophomore
Teacher: Francois Boda, Personal Finance

Central Region

Rachel Rife

Welch Delbert Lovelace High School, Sophomore
Teacher: Gala Miller, Web Design

Northeast Region